Thai-Riffic sauce

This sauce is magic. It will bring heat, flavour and sunshine to your kitchen in mere minutes. This one is as much about the taste and smell as it is about its shiny colourful look.


Soy sauce; lemon juice; teriyaki sauce; fish sauce; chili pepper to taste; garlic to taste (i used 3 cloves); 1 bunch of scallions; toasted sesame seed oil.



In a bowl chop your scallions and chili pepper like so.


Add equal parts of lemon juice, soy sauce, fish sauce and teriyaki sauce and half part of toasted sesame seed oil. Grate the garlic in and let it sit for 10 min before using so the flavours get a chance to mingle.

Tonight, I served it over basmati rice and octopus with chopped parsley ran through it as I don’t like coriander. Very very exotic!



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