A feast of Iron

As I’m starting to crave chocolate, I think it only fair to annoy you with pun. So I give you… the title. Geddit? Right, ok, I’ll get me coat.

Anyway, quick and cheap healthy menu idea (calorie count was 706 per plate):


2 beef livers (€2.30 for 225g of organic livers); baby spuds (Aldi had them for €0.39), a bunch of young leeks (€1 at the market), bit of butter, salt, pepper and whatever spices you fancy. So all in all a grand dinner for 2 for less than a fiver. I challenge you to beat that!

Traditionally liver is served with onions but the leeks work a treat!


Boil the potatoes, and while they’re cooking wash, slice and pan fry the leeks.


Rinse the meat and pat it dry. Rub it with spices of your choice.

Drain the spuds and mash them down some (I did it with a fork so nothing too smooth) and mix some butter, salt and pepper. Plate your spuds and leeks and fry your livers on a high heat for 4 minutes each side. It should be a bit pink inside.



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