Fluffy Courgette Bites

I’ve been growing courgettes this year and so do my friends Kath, Kats, Viv and Tinka. So we tend to swap recipes a lot. This ones comes all the way from sunny Timmersdala in Sweden. Thanks Kats!!

“Anyways, this is how you make the ridiculously delicious zuccini cakes – – – – – You need: zuccinis, well, let’s say 2 medium size or 1 John Holmes, 1 block of feta cheese, 2 eggs, Flour; i’ve been using corn flour (nice and yellow!) or rice flour, mostly because I almost never have wheat flour at home, but I assume that’ll do perfectly good as well, Salt, maybe some pepper or spices if you wish… Fresh herbs, whatever grows in your garden, Garlic Baking powder. First grate the zuccinis, sprinkle over rather generous handful of salt, mix a bit and leave it in the bowl for about 15-20 minutes. In another bowl you whip the eggs a bit, crumb in the cheese, press a clove of garlic and chop the herbs – be generous! I have shitloads of sage and basil this year, once I put spinach as well and it wasn’t bad at all. Than you drain the zuccini and squeeze it a bit as well so more water comes out, add it to the rest of the stuff and mix. And then add your flour, bit by bit, maybe a tablespoon at a time. And this is the reason why I can’t tell you the exact amount of the flour – because I never measure it 😛 I just add it til the dough gets sticky enough. And if you add a pinch of baking powder then the cakes will be a bit more fluffy and cakey, otherwise they may remain a bit leathery Sometimes I chop in red peppers, for a bit of color, other day I used the petals of marygold, but that’s just for fancy. Well, then you just take little balls of that dough and fry on the frying pan with oil, press them gently flat and fry both sides until nice and golden brown, you may want to turn the heat down a bit coz those dudes burn fast but remain soggy in the middle You can leave them resting on the kitchen paper for a bit to absorb the oil, and then you just get your tzatziki or in my case carrot-garlic-mayo salad or whatever you fancy, and enjoy! And if you manage to leave some on the plate then it’s extra yummy cold snack to grab from the fridge the day after”





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