The Ultimate Burger

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and it got me to think about American food. And how I tend to not be too much of a fan. But they have this one thing I like. This one thing I love in fact. The humble burger. So I’m giving you my take on it. It has a serious French twist! It was tonight’s dinner and I’m never moving again!

There are 2 sandwiches. They are incredibly easy to make and may not look like much but by Toutatis they will make your mouth sing!

1 baguette, 400 g of good lean beef mince, salt, pepper, dijon mustard, 1 onion, blue cheese and a handful of lettuce leaves.

1. Mustard and onion burger

Cook the onion slowly until they’re starting to brown and reserve. In the pan put some butter and fry half the meat (seasoned to taste). I like my meat very very rare but sure you know what way you like it!

Slice the bread in half and spoon some mustard and add the onions and the meat.

2.  Blue cheese burger

Slice the bread and spread your blue cheese inside and add the few lettuce leaves. Fry the seasoned meat and add it to the sandwich.


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