Seattle Zucchini Bread

From Kath O’Meara:

“Growing up on the American West Coast, banana bread (cake) and zucchini (courgette) bread (more like cake as well) were staples of suburban baking. You could be guaranteed to find zucchini bread at every bake sale and garden party as well as (along with banana bread) baked to welcome new families to the neighbourhood. They’re easy to make and (again like banana bread) as great way to use excess zucchini. The taste is akin to carrot cake & lovely as a snack or dessert.

3 cups regular flour; 2 & 1/4 cups granulated sugar; 1 cup of butter or 1 cup shortening or 1 cup vegetable oil; 1 tsp salt; 1 tsp vanilla; 1 tsp baking powder; 2 tsps bread soda; 3 tsps cinnamon; 3 eggs; 2 cups shredded zucchini (courgette)



Butter / grease 2 8″x4″ bread pans & heat oven to 160c (150c for fan ovens).

Combine flour, baking powder, bread soda, cinnamon & salt together in a bowl & mix.

Mix sugar, eggs, vanilla and butter in a separate bowl and beat until mixed through. Add this mixture to bowl with mixed dry ingredients.

Fold in shredded zucchini (courgette) & mix gently.

Divide between 2 bread pans & bake at 160c for 40-60 minutes, until a knife inserted in centre comes out clean. Let cool for 20 min on rack before serving.”




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