Far Breton

This is a really traditional cake from the Brittany region in France. It’s as cheap as it comes and most days you will find you will have the ingredients knocking about in the press and fridge.

It has evolved throughout the year into this strange bastardised version which is it mixed with rum soaked prunes. It’s delicious but like my granny would say, they didn’t have prunes and rum in Brittany back in the day so I’m sticking to the original version for this time.


250 g plain flour; 130 g of sugar (or 150 g if you have an extra sweet tooth), 4 medium/ large eggs, 1 liter of whole milk and a bit of butter.



Preheat the oven to 250 C. It is essential that the oven be pipping hot when you put the batter in.

Heat up the milk till boiling point.

In a bowl, mix the flour and sugar and make a well. Add the 4 eggs in the well and mix the batter together.


Once the milk is boiling you can start incorporating it. Only add small amounts of the hot milk first as if you add it all at once you will have lots of lumps. Once the whole liter has been added you will have something resembling a very liquid pancake batter.

Butter the mold generously (ideally you should be using a heavy earthenware dish) and pour the mixture in. Add a few chunks of butter and place in the hot oven.


You cook it for about 30 min or until nice and golden. I like mine nice and crunchy on top so leave it in a bit longer. It will bubble and maybe spill over but it is one hell of a tasty mess!



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