Tara Normandy Chicken

@MissFrugalone shares this cheap and tasty dish with us. I’m definitely trying it!

Ok, this is the recipe http://realfood.tesco.com/recipes/normandy-pot-roast-chicken-with-apples.html – it’s cheap because I bagged some bargains.
A M&S free range chicken reduced from €7.99 to 75c

A can of cider from local spar reduced from €1.95 to €1 because I pointed out that its best by date was last October 🙂 Only half of it needed so the remainder will go in the freezer for cider gravy with pork chops some other time. Cost 50c

Windfall apples (cooking rather than eating apples) from my garden but you could use any apples I think, especially if they’re getting a bit shrivelled and wrinkled.

Instead of rashers, I used a half packet of bacon bits from Lidl, cost per half about 80c

2 small brown onions (from lidl or aldi – 39c a bag) about 10c

Tub of creme fraiche (lidl again) about 80c

Olive oil from the storecupboard,

My garden parsley needs to be re-planted so I’ve done without for this recipe (and it is for colour more than flavour)

Cost under €3.00 This dish is going into my freezer to feed my family when they visit soon. They’re traditional so it will be served with small potatoes par-boiled and then roasted off with some sea-salt (39c bag from Lidl/Aldi) and steamed green beans or broccoli (whichever is on special)

If I was making it again and wanted to keep price down, I’d probably get chicken legs from my local butcher usually about 50c each.”

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