My first pistou pesto

A while back I bought myself a food processor. Nothing fancy as I’ve had a few over the years and never used them that much. So I bought a fairly basic and cheap once and *promised* myself that I would make the best of it this time. I’m experimenting with all the different blades and let’s say I eat a lot more grated carrots than I’ve ever done before!

I’ve made some gorgeous hummus like spreads and I’ve started stretching my muscles a bit more now that I’m a bit more confident.

And I’ve been at the pesto. Which brings us here. I love pesto. It’s fresh, it’s delicious but it’s bloody expensive! It goes in your pasta, on your bread with goats cheese and lots of black pepper, on your papillotte fish. It’s so eclectic! So I decided to try making my own and see if I could come up with anything that would resemble what you could get in the shops:

Here is how this went!


1 bag of wild garlic, 150 g of hard cheese (pecorino or parmesan), handful of nuts (I had some pine nuts and some walnuts), good pinch of salt and olive oil


Bang it all in to the food processor. Whizz until it reaches a consistency you’re happy with. I love my pesto not “too” smooth.

Altogether this was a lot cheaper than buing a jar €1.95 for the wild garlic, about €3.50 for the cheese and what ever nuts and seeds are in the press (I buy them when they’re in sale in the health food shops and always have a few bags knocking around). I got 3 full jars out of this so I think it was much better value and SO fresh! I’ll be trying other versions soon. I always get a lot of rocket from the garden so that’s going to get pesto’ed up soon…. Who said greens had to be boring?



4 thoughts on “My first pistou pesto

      1. Pasta, wilted kale, lemon zest… and some garlic and olive oil rubbed bread on the side. drool.

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