Scary new times and planning ahead! Menu 1.

So this week, I learnt that my job is likely to be going. So I’ve spent the last few days with my head upside down and my hear aflutters! All my friends have been incredibly kind and helpful and it’s helped me with settling down after the initial shock. After a couple of days of feeling sorry for myself, I’ve now calmed back down a bit and I’m busy making plans, and notes and lists. I’ve looked at my spending habits of the last 3 months and I’ve made a budget. I’ve taken stock of my presses and I’ve decided to start doing something which I’ve been promising to do for ages. That’s also the reason why I started this blog in the first place. So Less meat and more menus. Starting this week. I’m thinking if I do a menu for the week and stick to it I will not be spending more money on food during the week and that’s more for this soon to be rainy day! On Saturday, I went to the market in Temple bar and bought a ton of vegs (see below). I needed a treat and a walk around the farmer’s market was ideal. But going forward it’s Lidl and Aldi all the way. For a while anyway, I’ll be looking after my wallet instead of the local green grocers. I’m going to feel bad about it but needs must and I’ll get over it! So I got a fair bit of stuff as you can see and I’ve no excuse for extra shopping. In my bounty bag there was… *inhales* olive oil, anchovies, wild garlic pesto, sun blushed tomatoes,  lots and lots of fresh tomatoes, artichoke hearts, celery, potatoes, baby chard,baby leeks, scallions, a cabbage, aubergines, courgettes, peppers, ginger, beetroots, eggs, lentils and mung beans and feta! *exhales*


There will be no wasting or spending of any kind this week and I reckon I should still be able to eat extremely well. Safe to say breakfasts will be porridge with a bit of honey and chilli powder.

I will be adding pictures to this blog post as I get on with the week.


Lunch Ingredients:

Wholemeal pasta, artichoke hears, sun blushed tomatoes, scallions, lemon pepper and pine nuts.


Cook the pasta to taste (I like mine al dente), rinse in cold water, drain and set aside. Pan fry the artichokes, sun blushed tomatoes, scallions and pine nuts with a sprinkle of the lemon pepper. I used a non stick pan on low heat and there was no need for oil.Stir the pasta in and you’re done!


Dinner Ingredients: 

2 eggs, baby chard, unsalted butter, grated cheese, scallions, baby leeks and vinaigrette (


I’m going to make a cheesy chard omelette and poireaux en vinaigrettes ( as a side!

For the omelette, heat up the pan to medium heat, wilt the chard in a bit of butter, whisk the eggs and pour over the chards, add the cheese. Cook to taste. I like my omelette “baveuse” as in still a bit runny.




Dinner Ingredients:

Beetroots, feta, celery leaves, mignonette (


Roast the beetroots (30 min in a hot oven, say 180 C or 200 C for 3 min) wrapped in tin foil with a bit of olive oil on them. Once they’re cooked allow them to cool down slightly, toss the feta and shredded celery leaves and drizzle with the mignonette.




Dinner Ingredients:

I have some chippolata sausages in the freezer which I will pan fry and I will serve them with roasted peppers stuffed with tomatoes (


Lunch ingredients:

Bit of cooking oil, 2 medium size potatoes, 1 pepper, 1 courgette, 1 tomato, wild garlic pesto (from the market), whatever fresh herbs you happen to have.


Heat up your oil to medium heat and cook your cubed potatoes for 15 min, add your diced, pepper and courgette and cook a further 10 minutes. Mix a generous table spoon of the pesto. The tomato should be cut at the last minute and mixed in. The texture of the raw tomato is lovely with the rest of the cooked ingredients.

Dinner ingredients:

feta, 2 tomatoes, 1/2 cucumber, celery to taste and 1 corn on the cob. Sauce mignonette for the dressing (


Heat up the  corn on the cob under the grill until it’s nice and brown on all sides. Season to taste. For the salad just chop up the ingredients and drizzle with the dressing.



The last frozen portion of


Roasted cabbage…. I’ve never done this so I’ll come back with the recipe if it works! If not, plan B is

Next weekend, I’ll try my hand at a ratatouille but will come back and add the recipe. Whatever is left over will go into a soup for the following week. Not a bad plan all in all if I do say so myself!

Do you guys do weekly menu? If so, share them with me please! I can do with inspiration.

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