Cucumber, peppers and feta salad

So after my few days in Scotland I’ve been feeling the need for some lighter fare so here is a quick salad. It goes well with grated carrots too. You can add some Bombay potatoes to your plate if you’re extra hungry (but that’s a recipe for another day!).

Ingredients per person: 

1/2 cucumber, 1/2 pepper, feta, , 2 table spoons of toasted sesame seeds, salt, pepper, a small squeeze of lemon juice, 1 part cider vinegar for 2 parts sesame seed oil, whatever fresh herbs you fancy!


Pan fry the sliced pepper for about 10 min on low heat. 8 minutes in add the sesame seeds to toast on the pan. In the meantime, chop your cucumber (you can peel it if you like!) what ever way you like (I like fairly chunky chunks for a good bit of bite! In the bowl whisk the lemon juice, cider vinegar and sesame seed oil. Add the cucumber, feta, pepper and sesame seeds. Sprinkle with what ever fresh herbs you have and it’s ready!



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