Tunisian Orange Celebration Cake


Impressive huh?

This was a cake I made for Christmas day but you could try it for any celebration. It’s not my recipe but an interpretation of several recipes on the internet that I combined. The links are to the various components and then I’ll tell you how I put it together as well as the little alcoholic addition that made it just superb. This recipe takes a day to do (and longer for the ice cream) but it is worth it.

So to start you need a round cake tin.

The cake mix is flour free although it does use breadcrumbs. I don’t know whether you can use gluten free bread but if you try and it works let us know.

The cake itself is a Tunisian Orange Cake… the recipe is here

The quantities were a little too much for my cake tin as it does rise quite a lot. I guess I need a deeper cake tin or a wider one.

I made two of cakes and they turned out about two/two and half inches deep. I added a glug of Cointreau in to the drizzling syrup, my French blood demanded it.

I made some Candied Orange Peel for the filling and decoration… recipe here

I diced most of the Candied Orange Peel and put a layer of it over one of the cakes, then I put the second cake on top. Don’t do this while they are still warm.

You’ll end up with a sandwich of orangey goodness.

I kept four slices for the decoration on top.

In the same cake tin I made a Meringue, flavoured with a teaspoon of Orange Flower Water… recipe here

When the Meringue was cool, that went on the top of the cakes.

Just for the hell of it, I made some Orange Butter Icing… recipe here

I smeared that around the sides of the cake and I added a little red and yellow food colouring for fun.  Careful of the red, it’s strong.

Finally I did some Sugarwork Caramel over an oiled bowl… recipe here

Do this at the last moment otherwise it will slump and melt.

The cake was served with Cardamom Ice Cream… recipe here

It was unbelievably amazing and although it take time and patience to make, the result is sublime.


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