Mashed Potatoes

Urm, yes… so mashed spuds are pretty easy to make but with a little care they can be so much more. This is a rough guide for four servings, which in my house is about 8 medium sized spuds.

I use Roosters but good floury spuds are what you’re looking for.

First off make sure that when you’ve peeled your pommes de terre, they are diced roughly the same size… photo

Boil your spuds until you can poke a knife through them easily, then drain in a colander and let the water steam off them for a minute. Don’t leave them too long or they’ll discolour.

Make sure the saucepan is rinsed and put the spuds back in. Now add half a cup of milk and a generous dollop of butter… the real stuff please, your taste buds will thank you. A pinch of salt and ready, steady, mash.

Spud-mashing tools can vary in quality and stiffness. The plastic ones are pretty useless if you want proper mashiness. I have an old heavy steel one which is just brilliant.

Mash and mash and when you’ve mashed and everything is smooth, put the lid and set the pan aside for a minute to allow the starch to do whatever it does.

Now the fun begins… adding flavour. There are so many variations but my favourites include:

– A teaspoon or two of Dijon mustard

– A teaspoon or two of creamed Horseradish

– Ripped basil leaves

– Mashed garlic

– Blanched scallions, sliced

– A grating of Nutmeg or a pinch of Mace

Add your chosen flavours and then get yourself the biggest, meanest, man’s whisk you can find. This is mine.


Now beat the flavourings into the mash and give the spuds some air. It’s a bit like whipping cream. 30 seconds to a minute should do it.

Don’t… use an electric mixer or keep beating for 5 minutes, you’ll end up with sticky gloop

And there you have it… proper, light, fluffy, beautiful mashed spuds.

Hint… if you have that half a tub of creme fraiche or sour cream you can use this instead of milk, but I take no responsibility for the calorie count.



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